Christ #BlessedBeyondMeasure


Christ #BlessedBeyondMeasure

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The Christ Tee is absolutely can donate if you like we will just use the proceeds to buy more shirts and spread the blessing. Again the Christ Tee is absolutely FREE all that it requires is a PRAYER. Simply write a Prayer on a Post It Note or sheet of Paper and take a pic of it with your smart phone and upload it to your Facebook or IG and tag us.

NOT FOR SALE by B.Townsend

Your Life changes when you know where your Blessings
come from. I wrote FREE because I know it gets most
 peoples attention. The truth is nothing is FREE except the
Grace of God. Even this tee requires a prayer...If you know me then you know that I like
to CREATE. Well this is what I call my Lifes Project & 
I will continue this project from this day forward until I
expire. God has blessed my Family so I want to be a
blessing to others by Glorifying his name.
My family & I have been able to leap Lifes hurdles & 
control our circumstances with Prayer & Faith in Jesus Christ. 
At a point in time I put my Faith in people & I was often
Today...My Power & Strength only come from one place
and that is from above.. I acknowledge Christ in all that
I do and for every moment in time that I have been granted. 
With that said...payment for this T-shirt only requires a
“SINGLE PRAYER.” about anything you’re Thankful for or prayer
for another individual..

1. Write a Prayer on a Post It Note
or small sheet of paper

2. Take a picture of the note
 Tag me onFB with

3. Come and Pickup up your FREE
 T-shirt & be a Blessing to others.

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