Luxury Goods Co. Signature V-Neck Tee LIMITED EDITION


Luxury Goods Co. Signature V-Neck Tee LIMITED EDITION


You Deserve to wake up everyday feeling like a Million Bucks and that's exactly what Authentic Luxury Goods Co Tees will do for you..."Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks" You can't put a price on Happiness or a Good Life and that's what Luxury Goods Company is all about.

It's All About You! We work VERY hard to ensure that you are wearing limited edition AUTHENTIC Luxury Goods Co. apparel.

"The Luxury Goods Co. Signature V-NECK "Black" Tee is the first batch of Limited Edition & Limited Release Tees that require RELEASE DATES. 

RELEASE DATES & QUANTITIES: 777 shirts in a particular color become available on a particular date. These shirts remain available for 2 months only or until they're SOLD OUT. Once SOLD OUT a particular design is closed stock for 7 months meaning its no longer available for purchase.

New designs are released in two month increments.

Each Shirt is delivered with a "Release Date Certificate" and "Luxury Goods Co Campaign" Pin.

Enjoy.... "Its all about you. You are appreciated"


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